A cable is something you have always needed but you just didn't realize it. We are here to fulfill that relationship for you. Our history is pretty much the same as your history and everyone in iCable is different, just like you.

  • Some of us were tired of frayed cables and just wanted something robust.
  • Some of us wished we had a longer cable for the passengers at the back of the car.
  • Some of us had history of snapped cable.
  • Some of us are attention lovers and prefer it with some bling-bling.
  • Some of us are trying to share our music through some loud speakers.
  • Some of us are trying to project our memories to the larger screen.
  • Some of us are weird and tend to use a cable as a lightsaber.

Your cable defines you. And no one can judge that except you. We have had the same reasons and just wished there could be one place that we could trust with this relationship. That is how iCable Asia was born.


When you wake up in the morning and smell the first aroma of the coffee, what is in front of you? This is the moment of life that you must very carefully dedicate to. Because this moment will come everyday for the rest of your life. This moment is something that you want to have, not something that you have to have. This moment should smell freedom. And our moment, is iCable Asia. And we have no regrets in it.


We are artists, writers, programmers, photographers, videographers, musicians, and everything that involves art. We plan to recruit tree huggers, walk-in-sleep-ers and dont-know-how-to-tie-shoe-lace-ers to study their side of art too.


We socialize a lot. We talk all day long and we are noisy in the way we do our things. We just find reasons to grow our circle. We deliver it through our superheroic customer service because that is how we can bridge to you. Drop a line and say "Hi" and we would be delighted to share some fun and love.


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